2023. 03.

Welcome New Member!

Minseok Kang joined the PCFL as an undergraduate internship student. 

2023. 02


우리 연구실이 2022년실험실 특화형 창업선도대학 육성사업 수행을 통해 창업유망기술팀으로 소개되었습니다. 

2023. 01.

Welcome New Members!

Kyeong Jin Kim, Jieun Heo, and Suhyeon Ban joined the PCFL as MS/PhD combined course students. Seunghwan Seo and Kyu Hyung Jo joined the PCFL as master's students. Jun Seong Park and Jin Hyeok Cho joined the PCFL as undergraduate internship students. 

2022. 11

New Publications!

Two articles entitled "Investigating Structural Effects of Quaternizing Additives on Shape Transitions of Block Copolymer Particles" and "Effect of Molecular Structure of Photoswitchable Surfactant on Light-Responsive Shape Transition of Block Copolymer Particles" by Prof. Ku were published in Macromolecules.  

2022. 09.

Welcome New Members!

Hyewon Jung joined the PCFL as a master's student. She will study under the guidance of her co-advisor, Dr. Sangho Lee at KRICT. Seungho Park joined the PCFL as an undergraduate internship student. He will study smart complex colloidal materials.

2022. 07. 

Prof. Ku won Korea Loreal-Unesco Women in Science Awards from the Women's Bioscience Forum. Congrats:)

관련기사: 연합뉴스 [link]  UNIST뉴스 [link] 조선일보 [link

2022. 07.

Welcome New Members for the U-SURF program! 

Kyeong Jin Kim, Suhyeon Ban, Da Gyeom Chang, and Seunghwan Seo joined the PCFL as U-SURF internship students. They will study the synthesis of hybrid materials.

2022. 06.

Welcome New Members!

Jieun Heo joined the PCFL as an undergraduate internship student. She will study bioplastic-based functional materials.

2022. 02.

Welcome New Members!

Hyeongseok Oh and Juyoung Lee joined the PCFL as MS/PhD combined course students. Hyeongseok will study liquid crystal-based complex colloids, and Juyoung will study functional block copolymer particles.

2022. 02.

The Ku Research Group open in Feb. 2022!

PCFL is currently seeking highly motivated postdocs, graduate students (MS/PhD), and undergraduate students. If you are interested in the group, please contact Prof. Ku! 

2021. 11.

Prof. Ku won Miwon Young Scientist Award in 2021 KSIEC fall meeting. Congrats:) 

2021. 04.

An article entitled "Recent Progress in Development of Polymer Particles by Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers from Emulsions" by Hyeongseok Oh, Juyoung Lee, and Kang Hee Ku was introduced in Polymer Science and Technology (Vol 32, No.2).