Polymer Hybrid Materials

Self-assembly of polymers in evaporative emulsions provides a simple and effective route for the preparation of anisotropic polymeric particles with tunable shape and functionality. Beyond understanding thermodynamic phenomena associated with the polymer assembly, dynamic properties of the polymer particles in response to external stimuli may offer new opportunities in sensing, smart coating, and drug delivery. Our mission is  to develop advanced functional polymer colloids by architecture engineering of polymers as well as site-specific conjugation of hybrid supramolecules.

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Complex Colloids

The complex liquid colloids, which use upper critical solution temperatures and microfluidics, allow three-dimensional molecular assemblies with a diversity of internal payloads including catalysts, monomers, or reagents. This feature, combined with design of surfactants, will be used to generate novel assemblies that are triggered in response to an interfacial recognition process. Our mission is to control the shape, movement, and patterning of functional colloids toward a new era of soft robotics: colloid-based liquid robots.

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